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Data Backup - Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR)

Don't wait until after the problem arises to worry about the importance of your data and the operations of your business​. DOWN TIME IS VERY COSTLY!

Plan ahead and partner with us, so we can help ensure not only your data is intact and secure, but also to give you the piece of mind that your business can keep running or have a Plan B in the unlikely event your IT system goes down for any amount of time.

So how do you plan for this successful program of Business Continuity? That answer comes with proper planning and continuous updates as your business evolves and changes. I will cover a couple of the topics we will cover with you as a part of this process in the below:

  • Incident Response Plan

    • Handles unexpected events that hopefully will be contained and not need the BCP or DR​

    • Does not necessarily require BCP activation nor a disaster declaration

    • Should include well-defined severity and declaration criteria, escalation and notification processess

    • Detect, Diagnose, Manage, Contain/Minimize Effects, Restore, Determine Cause, Implement Improvements

  • Business Impact Analysis/Risk Assessment

    • Identifies the resources critical to an organization's continued existence, identifies threats posed to those resources, assess the likelihood of those threats occurring, and the impact of each of those threats on the organization.​

    • Everyone knows what order everything will be recovered in.

    • Perform a gap analysis with existing BCP and DR

    • Forms the basis for and is part of your BCP and DR

  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

    • A guide for moving through events to continue your business, especially critical services, not just IT

    • Not all inclusive

    • Some combine BCP and DR; some keep seperate

    • Based on a Business Impact Analysis

    • Includes:

      • Specific steps all are to follow and who is responsible​

      • Contact information/call trees

      • Unique documents for different disciplines

  • Disaster Recovery (DR)

    • An incident can become a disaster either by mishandling or by natural progression of the incident.

    • Directs the recovery of systems and services by people while a BCP directs people

    • Not just IT!

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